The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network (formerly HOTRMHMR) HCS program can serve 118 people. Our HCS program includes people living on their own or with their families, people who choose to live in Host Homes, and people who choose to live in 3-or 4-bed group homes.   We pride ourselves on having a good mix of individuals in each residential setting, which speaks to our belief that people with IDD, even people with some challenging behaviors or significant medical issues, need to have their preferences honored should they choose not to live in a group home. Most people in our HCS program attend Day Habilitation, either at our site on 4th Street in Waco or at another facility they have chosen to meet their Day Hab needs. Many individuals who live on their own or with their families receive community support (Pas/Hab) services, offering them the opportunity to learn new skills and to be social in the community. Some individuals receive Behavior Support and respite, two other service options in the HCS program. People in HCS can also receive nursing support, supported employment services, dental services, adaptive aids, and minor home modifications. Our HCS program is considered one of the best in the state, routinely scoring well in annual reviews and having nine straight reviews with no deficiencies. The HCS Waiver program is a service model with comprehensive services that can benefit those lucky enough to be in the program.

Eligibility for HCS: Adults and children diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities that meet functional criteria. This means the person must have a valid Determination of Intellectual Disability or qualify under an identified related condition with an IQ of 75 or below. In addition, individuals must be offered an HCS slot by the State of Texas and must meet the financial criteria for a Medicaid Waiver program.

Contact: Becky Burns, (254) 757-3933


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