TxHmL is a waiver program with similarities to the HCS program, but without Host Home and Group Home options.  Although we have a state-mandated cap in the number of people who can be in our TxHmL program, we routinely serve well over the cap because individuals recognize that we put compassion and caring into the services we provide, and that we care about them as people wanting to become active participants of community life.  So they choose us to be their service provider.  There are two favorite parts of the TxHmL waiver people in the program most use – Day habilitation and Community Support (or Pas/Hab). When developing the Person Directed Plan and Individual Plan of Care for this program, care must be taken to maximize those services most needed so that people don’t cost out of the program.  The provider can help the person who has the need for multiple services seek access to the array of services in TxhmL and to stay within the cost structure of the program.  Like our HCS program, we are proud of the level and quality of service provided to the individuals who rely on us to get what they need and want out of TxHmL.

Eligibility for TxHmL: Adults and children diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities that meet functional criteria. This means the person must have a valid Determination of Intellectual Disability, or must qualify under an identified related condition with an IQ of 75 or below. Individuals must be currently on the TxHmL Interest List before they will be offered a TxHmL slot by the State of Texas. Criteria for eligibility for TxHmL includes current Medicaid enrollment.

Contact: Thomas Willis, (254) 752-8361

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