Respite is, by definition, the temporary relief of caregiver duties. We understand the difficulties present when caring for, teaching and raising people with intellectual disabilities, especially when resources for help are limited, so we offer respite in two different ways. First, we have a respite facility, a three-bedroom house, where we can offer overnight, out-of-home planned respite. Families/care-takers typically access out of home respite ono weekends. People in out of home respite are kept very active, spending much of their time engaging in community activities. Respite can also be provided in-home, which means the individual is served in the family home. Because there is trepidation by families to allow someone they don’t know – such as a Heart of Texas employee – into their home, we offer a non-traditional means by which a family can hire their own provider of respite. Families typically choose this option because they have other family, friends or neighbors who know their son or daughter well and thus are much better service providers for the individuals than our paid staff.