Community Support is a term used for various activities under this service umbrella, including everything from just getting people out of their homes and engaged in community activities to teaching basic self-help skills and activities of daily living. PAS/HAB, which stands for Personal Attendant Services/Habilitation Services, is a recent replacement term for Community Support. Each individual determined eligible for IDD services has unique service and training needs, as well as personal assistance and training wants and desires. So, each person then chooses what their Community Support or PAS/HAB program looks like. For example, some people need transportation to get to and from activities in the community or even to and from HOTI. Some people want to be able to handle their own money and learn money management skills. Some want to learn to cook and take care of their own living space with hopes of one day living in an apartment. Some people like to know what types of activities are available in the community, so they ask to be exposed to a variety of things that they, then, might choose to do on their own one day. And some people may need something done for them, like getting up and dressed in the morning, getting help washing their hair, or completing other activities related to personal hygiene. While not limitless, the types and amounts of services available to individuals are vast.