The front door of the Center for Developmental Services handles eligibility determinations, community information and referral, service coordination referral, hospital, and state school liaison, HCS, TxHmL, ICF/MR enrollment, Permanency Planning, State School Community Living Options Information Process, and emergency and crisis services.


Continuity of Services is the continuation or transition of services from one setting to another, with the least amount of service interruption possible. The services a person receives in one program are important enough that we want to ensure they carry over to another program when possible and that there is no gap between or delay of services because of the transition. Moving from one place and one program to another brings with it change, and change is stressful. Continuing those services that we know the individual likes and expects through the shift helps to reduce the stress of the change. Click on the link to learn more about the HOTBHN COS program.


Based on the requirements of the Texas Administrative Code, Service Coordinators assist individuals in planning, developing, and coordinating a Person-Directed Plan and in monitoring services to ensure their effectiveness. In addition, our Service Coordinators establish strong working relationships with individuals and their families and have significant knowledge of community resources.


PASRR was started to assure that people eligible for IDD services who live in nursing facilities had access to the same services someone who lived in the community, including training needed to one day be able to move from the nursing facility back into the community. In addition, PASRR services include information and education about community support that assures that people are well informed about their options to make an informed decision about the transition to a community setting. A service Coordinator from the LIDDA facilitates program planning and planning team meetings to get a person started and continue heading toward community and greater independence. Click on the link to learn more about the HOTBHN PASRR program.