The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network (formerly Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center)  is proud to partner with institutions of higher education to provide internship opportunities for students wishing to obtain experience in the health /behavioral health industry, specifically, those seeking experience with a Community Center or Early Childhood Intervention. Please read about the process to apply below.

Click here to print the Internship Placement Application

Click here for the fillable Internship Placement Application

The formal intern placement process is designed to maintain consistency in intern positions throughout our Center programs and provide important information to those Field Placement Instructors trying to place students in the most appropriate intern position.

The process will include the following:

  1. The Center will verify that an Intern/Practicum Student Affiliation Agreement exists between Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network (HOTBHN) and the applicant's college or university.
  2. Intern candidates will complete the intern application on the Center's webpage under Human Resources/Internships. The applicant may fax completed forms to 254-714-0420, Attn: Intern Coordination Services, or email to latoya.robertson@hotbhn.org
  3. An initial interview will be held with the internship candidate to determine the best fit for potential placement.
  4. Upon notification of recommendation from the program placement supervisor, a full background check will be conducted.
  5. Before the start date, any required documents must be submitted to Intern Coordination.
  6. State and Federal Fingerprints are required if ANY intern has lived outside the State of Texas within the previous two years and for ALL interns placed in the ECI program.
  7. Cost for TB tests, drug screens, and, if applicable, fingerprints will be the responsibility of the internship applicant.
  8. The Center will conduct required training unless the intern can provide proof of comparable training received within the previous six months.The following training modules are mandatory for all staff of HOTBHN, including unpaid internships, regardless of program placement. Additional program-specific training may be required.
  9. ASHI CPR with AED  and First Aid
  10. Application of HIPAA in Behavioral Health
  11. Basics of Defensive Driving
  12. Bioterrorism
  13. Center Abuse Neglect and Exploitation Training
  14. Communicating with People who have Disabilities
  15. Corporate Compliance, False Claims, and Deficit Reductions Training
  16. Cultural Competence
  17. Enhancing Clinical Competency through An Understanding of  Military Culture
  18. Infection Control: Basic Concepts
  19. Intellectual Disability Overview
  20. Introduction to Motivational Interviewing  (Fall Semester)
  21. Natural Disasters and Workplace Emergencies: An Overview
  22. Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior
  23. Recovery of Persons with Serious Mental Illness
  24. Sexual Harassment for Employees
  25. Supporting Client Rights for Paraprofessionals in Behavioral Health
  26. Use of Motivational Interviewing in Clinical Practice (Spring Semester)

The following training modules will also be REQUIRED of all interns assigned to the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program:

  1. Adult/Child/Infant CPR + Adult/Child AED
  2. ECI Confidentiality

In keeping with our mission to deliver accessible and responsive support services to individuals and families coping with mental illness, substance use, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, and emotional conflict, we are asking that you be aware of the following HOTBHN Internship guidelines:

  • The number of positions available will be based on supervisor availability, regarding the number of interns and time constraints on the supervisor's position.
  • The Center reserves the right to request interviews and determine the appropriate match. The Center may refuse intern candidates or recommend another placement if available.
  • Due to Center rules and regulations, interns will not be assigned individual caseloads. Interns will be working under the supervision of a designated HOTBHN employee to assist with case management and other treatment/intervention activities.
  • The Center reserves the right to terminate an internship at any time during the assignment.
  • Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network does not discriminate in any of its services or practices. All intern candidates will be subject to mandatory background checks before placement.

Further information can be obtained from our Volunteer & Intern Services Coordinator:

  • LaToya Robertson         Phone: 254-640-7495