#TexansRecoveringTogether” Has What You Need For “Back To School” Stress


WACO, TX – According to National Day Calendar, National Back to School month has been recognized during the month of August since the 1960’s. After this past year and a half, the Delta variants continuous spreading has increased stress levels in students, parents, and educators. #TexansRecoveringTogether is doing its part to help relieve the COVID-19 related stress. 

Going back to school normally stirs up feelings of anxiety and stress. With the evolution, and continuation, of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of students, parents, and educators have been experiencing a rise of uncertainty. The school year 2021-2022 will be marked by even more uncertainty and distinct challenges. Our data shows 8% of survivors are aged between 0-17 years old. Although these young survivors make a small percentage of the over 42% of survivors feeling high levels of emotions, these students continue to make up a decent portion of the 32% of survivors feeling anxious. #TexansRecoveringTogether is a non-traditional, outreach-based crisis counseling program that offers survivors, of any age, who have been directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19, and the Winter Storm Disaster, with mental health and emotional support.

Christina Gibson, #TexansRecoveringTogether Lead Counselor, recently spoke with district staff of a local school and says, “The director of an elementary campus shared with me the high degree of stress the staff have been through, observing that they were in shock and survival mode the first year and experienced constant chaos in the unfamiliar territory of last year.” Gibson continues, “However, the unpredictable nature of this year threatens to heap more stress than ever on the staff and students at the school. Many educators feel the additional responsibility to protect the health of children in light of the pandemic and are aware their personal decisions can directly affect the students with whom they work.”

#TexansRecoveringTogether has been an alternative for countless Central Texans who have spoken with our diverse counselors.

#TexansRecoveringTogether staff connect survivors with short-term, outreach-based emotional support for:

  • Resource navigation and linkage to available support groups (assessments, referral, etc.)
  • Grief support, coping skills development, and presenting self-care tips to school districts
  • Psychoeducation
  • Problem solving

Texas Winter Storm disaster support is available as well. Services are available toll-free at (866) 576-1101 or visit our website at www.trthotccp.org.


Vince Erickson, Project Manager


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Tanya Ledesma, Media Liaison


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