Children with developmental delays who need services through the Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network’s Klaras Children’s Center Early Childhood Development (ECI) program received a major boost with a $10,000 grant.

The Raymond Alford Trust, based in Houston and has strong ties to Freestone and Limestone Counties in Central Texas, announced the award on June 28, 2023.

“We are honored and pleased to help your organization care for the needs of children and families in Freestone and Limestone counties,” said Glynn Nance, Jr., a Trustee for the Raymond Alford Trust.

“The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network, through the Klaras Children’s Center’s ECI program, wants to extend warm thanks to the Raymond Alford Trust for its generous gift,” said David Hanlin, Klaras Children’s Center ECI Program Director. “The award will bolster our commitment to providing accessible, caring, and responsive ECI services for the people of Freestone and Limestone counties.”

The Raymond Alford Trust was established by Raymond and Virginia Alford, who resided in Teague, TX, in honor of their son, Ronnie, who was severely disabled and had used a wheelchair his entire life. As Raymond neared the end of his life (he passed away in 1995), his love for Ronnie, who passed away in 1989, placed a desire in his heart to help the needy children in Freestone and Limestone Counties.

The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network (HOTBHN) provides Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services through the Klaras Children’s Center (KCC). We staff this unit with Early Intervention Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech and Language Pathologists who serve children – ages birth through three years — who are developmentally delayed or have medical conditions likely to result in delay, including hearing and vision concerns. Services are primarily delivered in “natural environments,” such as the child’s home or childcare setting. Over 800 children receive early intervention services throughout the year. Learn more here or call (254) 297-7089.


Tanya Ledesma,

Public Information Coordinator

Cell: (254) 640-5229