“Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week” Event Set For May 6

WACO, TX –  Helping children and their families will be celebrated as part of Mental Health Awareness Month and Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week at the Klaras Center for Families on Friday, May 6—where dozens are expected to join “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.”

Ron Kimbell, Director of Children’s Behavioral Health at the Klaras Center for Families, stresses this year’s event, held during “Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week” from May 1 through May 7, will have even greater participation as it shifts the discussion from “awareness” to “acceptance”.

The National Federation of Families, a family-run organization, noted the COVID-19 pandemic has people talking about mental health and it is time to change the “A” to acceptance.

The US Surgeon General adds, “Mental Health Challenges in children, adolescents and young adults are real, and they are widespread. But most importantly, they are treatable, and often preventable.”

The local event will be on Friday, May 6 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Klaras Center for Families at 1101 Jefferson in Waco.