Agency Website URL Updated to Match New Name

WACO, TX – We have a new agency website URL, which will deliver the same promise of highlighting our accessible, caring, and responsive support services we have provided for over five decades.

Our new URL is: The new URL also serves as an acronym for our name change, which is the Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network. The new name was unveiled in March of this year. Before the name change, the agency was known as the Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center.

“We are pleased to unveil the new URL as the latest step in our comprehensive rebranding efforts,” said Vince Erickson, Division Director for Community and Governmental Affairs. “It is our sincere hope and intention that the new URL easily identified our consumers, key stakeholders and the general public with our new name, our new logos, and same promise of accessible, caring, and responsive support services for families and individuals coping with mental illness, substance use, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, and emotional conflict.

Mr. Erickson says there are new rebranding developments to come.

“We hope the new URL, along with our new name, and new logos also express our agency voices of being friendly and helpful,” Erickson stressed. “This is the latest implementation of our rebranding efforts. There will be additional renovations to the website itself in the coming month.”

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Vince Erickson, Director of Community and Governmental


Cell: (254) 265-2030